It’s a cold, damp, stay-in-and-eat-comfort-food type of night in South Dakota. We had every intention of taking the kids out for dinner tonight (since we’ve been at a tennis tournament all day) but decided it was easier, healthier, and less expensive to dine in at Chez Bethany. 

When I post a recipe, it’s usually an adaptation of one I see online. I’ll do a better job of referencing the original, but I’d rather dumb it down for you as I want recipes done for ME. For example, if something says you need to combine it in a food processor but REALLY you can just stir it by hand, I’m going to write that method on THIS page. I’m not trying to be condescending – it’s just the way I want information presented to me as I HATE to cook. I also hate food processors! (I’m a wizard on a blender, however. A little too much practice making margaritas back in the day) 

I’ve already posted the deep dish pizza by the blog ‘All Day I Dream About Food’ (I’ll post a link in the comments.).

This “mac-n-cheese” is so easy it doesn’t require a recipe.

I bought pre-riced cauliflower and froze it a week ago. Tonight I poked a few holes in the bag, microwaved it for 5 minutes, added a pat of butter, salt, cracked pepper, and an entire bag of pre-shredded Gouda. I microwaved it again for 2 more minutes and had piping hot, rich and salty, cauli-n-cheese. Lame, I know. But it warms the belly and teases the taste buds.

We see our endocrinologist on Tuesday. More on that soon, but let’s just say I’m excited to tell him my kid eats pizza and donuts and has an A1c of 5.4-5.5.


Disclaimer: I’m not a chef, I’m not a nutritionist, and I’m not a doctor. I don’t love to cook but I DO love the way the food in the recipe above allows my dude with Type 1 Diabetes to maintain stable, healthy blood sugars. I share this recipe with you because I have found it to be quick and easy to prepare. Through trial and error, I have also discovered the best way to dose insulin for this recipe so that River’s blood sugar doesn’t spike. Everyone with diabetes responds differently to certain foods, so you may find that this recipe doesn’t offer the same benefit to you. Please consult your physician for proper insulin dosing, and as always, use caution when adding a new type of food to your diet. I recommend using a continuous glucose monitor and/or frequent finger pokes to best monitor the effects of a new food on blood sugars.