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Our Mission


Education and counseling for newly diagnosed patients and their families. There is another way.


Advocacy for access to affordable insulin. Because 83 is the ideal blood sugar for everyone.


Research with a focus on a biological cure. Become the captain of your own ship.

Success Stories

“Our daughters A1C at six months has now dropped to 5.1, she’s gained 15 pounds since diagnosis and has grown several inches in height. There is hope. There are tools for normal blood sugars.”

“Two years of low carb meals later his A1C is 5.7% and he is a healthy toddler. He eats tons of protein and veggies. He’s the tallest in his class and he is so smart. Going low carb was the best thing we ever did.”

“We have been following now for about five years with dramatically positive results: A1c at 5.0% and lower and return of growth to 95%. We strongly recommend the book – there’s a lot to it.”

“Our pediatrician said that in more than 30 years, he’s never seen a child with Type 1 Diabetes have the A1c of a person without Diabetes. I am forever thankful for Dr. B’s methods and a life of health for my son.”

Normal blood sugars are the leading cause of nothing.

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