I’m not really sleeping much at night lately – and it has NOTHING to do with bad blood sugars!

I have SO much in the works, but before I can move forward, here is my challenge to YOU.

If you haven’t experimented with low-carb hacks of your children’s favorite foods, THIS is your weekend.

Here’s your grocery list:

  • eggs
  • full fat cream cheese
  • baking powder

Three inexpensive, common ingredients sold at all grocery stores. You probably already have 2 of them, so make a quick stop and pick up some cream cheese sometime tomorrow.

I know this seems simple and maybe even silly, but it’s a challenge that will be supported by visual evidence. (You have NO IDEA how many messages I get about these pancakes, which, by the way, aren’t MY recipe at all. They just happen to taste great and are SUPER easy!)

This Saturday, if you’re eating the diet recommended by the ADA for people with diabetes, please feed your child (or yourself) regular pancakes and syrup. Please document your starting blood sugar, and your 2 hour post-meal blood sugar.

Then, on Sunday, grab 4 eggs, 4 ounces of cream cheese, and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Throw it in a blender for 30 seconds and then let it sit for 5 minutes while you heat your griddle.

Please eat the same amount of pancakes. Feel free to add cinnamon to the batter and top with Walden Farms sugar free syrup or whipped cream – the real stuff. (Full disclosure, the WF syrup is a chemical poop storm, but you have to pick your battles.)

Again, note your starting blood sugar and your 2 hour follow-up sugar, or better yet, take a photo of your Dexcom graph.

Then, on Sunday, will you please share your results for the rest of us to see? (If you’re already low carb, will you please also share your graphs?) I’m BEGGING you to provide some visual evidence to help contrast the ADA pathway and a low carb pathway. Please use the hashtag #letmebe83in your comments.


On Sunday, I will be sharing an OUTSTANDING promo code that will help get you on YOUR way to a better, steady blood sugared, more bright-eyed, nourished way of LIFE. (I’m not getting ANYTHING from this challenge but the joy in my heart of other people being healthy. There’s no monetary gain or sponsorship of any kind.)

But, I AM up to something. I’m creating my own charitable foundation to help spread the word that there is another way to manage diabetes – contrary to what you’ve been taught. I’m a rebel like that.  

PRETTY please, won’t you try this?  

Think well.
Eat well.
Be well.

Disclaimer: I’m not a chef, I’m not a nutritionist, and I’m not a doctor. I don’t love to cook but I DO love the way the food in the recipe above allows my dude with Type 1 Diabetes to maintain stable, healthy blood sugars. I share this recipe with you because I have found it to be quick and easy to prepare. Through trial and error, I have also discovered the best way to dose insulin for this recipe so that River’s blood sugar doesn’t spike. Everyone with diabetes responds differently to certain foods, so you may find that this recipe doesn’t offer the same benefit to you. Please consult your physician for proper insulin dosing, and as always, use caution when adding a new type of food to your diet. I recommend using a continuous glucose monitor and/or frequent finger pokes to best monitor the effects of a new food on blood sugars.