Harlan L.

“This is the one and only Harlan Livingston. He is a charming natural born gentleman with heart of gold. On January 3, 2020 we took Harlan to the hospital because something just wasn’t “right”. January 4, 2020 the hospital sent to the Barbara Davis Center. Harlan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Our hearts were shattered. Giving your child shots multiple times a day to keep them alive is no joke. This seemed like a life sentence that would end in his life being cut short due to “complications of diabetes”. We absolutely would not accept that undeserved consequence.

There is another way.

Immediately following his diagnosis we searched for any and all information to cure this “incurable” disease. Knowing that the Doctors instructions to pump his body full of carbohydrates seemed, simply put, stupid. We started to eliminate higher carb foods. This is when we found “Let Me Be 83” and Dr. Bernstein. The first breath of fresh air we had in weeks. There is a solution for diabetes.


Harlan is going on 2 years of normal blood sugars and an A1c of a non diabetic. His A1c averaging 5.0 to 5.3. He is happy, thriving, and healthy. This is achieved by enjoying an abundance of whole foods and ample protein.

Until there is a Cure there is a Solution.

Please help us raise money to aid families in beginning their child’s journey in achieving normal blood sugars and a lifetime of happiness free of complications.

With an A1C which is in the same range as a healthy, non-diabetic, and a bright future free of complications associated with high blood sugars, we are dedicating ourselves to help the Low Carb movement spread to other Type 1 Diabetes families who are struggling to find an answer.”

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Diagnosis Date: 1/4/2020

Fundraising Goal: $22,000

$3,368 of $22,000 raised
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