Gracie C.

“This is Gracie, she is a kind-hearted, sweet girl with the most compassionate heart. On June, 2nd, 2020, life took an unexpected turn. We had to rush Gracie to the hospital due to signs of type 1 diabetes. When we arrived to the emergency room she was rushed to the back and had her blood sugars taken, she was 357 and was in DKA. We did not know what meant so naturally we were given “all” the information on this disease. When we returned home to our new normal, we found ourselves constantly trying to keep up with the roller coasters her blood sugars liked to play on. We did everything we were supposed to do. Carb counted, followed the ratio plan, gave the correct amount of two types of insulin. Gracie grew more tired, frustrated and mad because she did not understand why she wasn’t feeling better. A couple weeks after diagnosis I stumbled upon a group called “Let Me Be 83.” There, I found a video posted by a man named RD Dikeman, that featured Dr. Bernstein. In the video the Dr. tested a chewed-up piece of bread. The bread tested equal to sugar when it was broken down. That was the moment it clicked; we were not given all the information on diabetes. From that day forward we have a new solution. Gracie is now 13 years old. She is off the roller coaster and on the principal’s honor roll for the first time. She has a passion for sewing and creating and is in high hopes of becoming a fashion designer. She has earned her black belt in karate, growing like a weed and loves to educate fellow diabetics, including her school nurse who now follows Dr. Bernstein. We are thankful for this group that continues to help and support this journey we were given. We are in high hopes that we can pay it forward and help other families as well.”

Hometown: Orangevale, CA

Diagnosis Date: 6/2/2020

Fundraising Goal: $1,000

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