Gordon W.

“Gordon is a very athletic and energetic 8 year old! He is witty and smart and is always trying to make you laugh! He excels in school and loves being a big brother.

While Gordon is on the field hitting bombs, most don’t notice that he carries his bat and Type 1 Diabetes on the field. He doesn’t let it slow him down.

Gordon was diagnosed September 14, 2016. We noticed signs of illness and fortunately he was not in DKA at the time of diagnosis.

What we didn’t know at the time was that the information we were receiving on caring for our son with this disease was going to lead us on a long dirt road with a dead end.

After a year of frustration, sleepless nights and feeling so helpless we found a community that manages a better way!

We started a low carb diet and read up on Dr Bernstein’s protocols! We haven’t looked back since.

Gordon’s mother, has made it her mission to advocate and educate to help as many families like ours as possible! Gordon and his sister even get to be the taste testers for all the new goodies mom makes!

Gordon also advocates for his health and is eager to tell his peers about his Diabetes! He is a wonderful role model and leader!

Gordon carries himself and his Type 1 Diabetes with great pride and true grit!”


Diagnosis Date: 9/14/2016

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